Social Media Apps and the Blockchain Could Skyrocket 10x by 2022(1)

As The $80 Billion DeFi Market Explodes Towards $800 Billion, Keep Your Eyes On Axis Technologies Group, Inc.(1)

Remember the days of social media, when we were tracked, our information was sold, we shared food pics, got canceled, and then Big Tech told us what to say and when to say it?(2)

Three of four Americans have little to no confidence in the current paradigm.(3)

Wonder why?

Uniting Blockchain & the World

With the current environment the way it is, Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) may have found a natural opening.

With their groundbreaking DeFi platforms TiENCHAT, T8 EXCHANGE, TRAMS DEX, ET-HFUND and TiENFARM, this disruptor could be fundamentally changing the way people connect with each other and use and interact with blockchain technology.

Not to mention they’re getting this all done with ZERO EMISSIONS technology.(4)

Who is Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG)?

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) is a holding company with operations based in the United State, Australia and Singapore, aka “the world’s smartest city.”(5) The company is heavily focused on DeFi to bring more wealth, freedom, and decentralization to the entire planet.

Fragmentation is a significant issue when it comes to technology.(6) The alternative currency marketplace, social media, and blockchain technology are highly disjointed. Users are essentially confused about where to go and who to trust.

The team at Axis Technologies Group, Inc. has been working relentlessly to offer an integrated solution and one that can move the DeFi economy into the Mainstream. Axis aims to do this in several ways to reward users, including earning free T8T Coin and ownership of their content.(7)

Furthermore, Axis Technologies Group, Inc.’s TiENCHAT & TRAMS DEX platforms hit all the right buttons. They feature solutions that are decentralized, private, and incredibly practical.

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) TiENCHAT Has Explosive Potential

Axis Technologies Group’s TiENCHAT stands to gain more and more converts as people flee from the current centralized tech model.

In January 2021, for example, WhatsApp unpleasantly surprised users by informing them that the app would only work if they agreed to a new privacy policy. Under this policy, WhatsApp would share more user data with Facebook, leaving users with no other option but to agree to the change or stop using the service.(8)

TiENCHAT Looks to Be a Viable Rival to WeChat
What’s more, Chinese authorities look to tighten regulatory oversight with an emphasis on privacy and data. Their Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said that 43 apps, WeChat, were found to have illegally transferred user data, and ordered their parent companies to make modifications.(19) Alternatives like TiENCHAT could benefit.

Millions of WhatsApp users have taken the drastic step of abandoning the app ahead of a privacy policy update that will force them to share their data with Facebook.”(8)

TiENCHAT Elevates Social Media to an Entirely New Level

From the time Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 bit-coins at Papa John’s to purchase two pizzas, the world was changed forever, and DeFi was born.(10)

TiENCHAT is looking to forever change the way people worldwide use and interact with each other through blockchain technology.

The app includes a multitude of functions such as:(7)

  • Instant Language Translation
  • Multi-token Wallets
  • Voice and Video Calling
  • A platform for buying, selling, and trading digital assets, such as NFTs

This means people from all corners of the world can communicate without having to learn a new language. Users can easily buy products online anywhere in the world using digital tokens. Users can choose the digital currency they want to pay with, and the sellers receive the payment instantly. No middlemen. No delays.

In addition, Axis has also partnered with companies across to world to provide:(7)

  • Personalized biometrics cards
  • Digital currency ATMs
  • Payment gateways

Who Better to Tell You About this Exciting New Technology than Founder and CEO William TiEN?

TRAMS DEX Powers an All-encompassing Blockchain Communication and Networking Application

For 20 years, Axis was heavily involved in cross-border finance. This alone potentially positions TRAMS DEX perfectly as the New DeFi Bank.(11)

This is a platform where users can swap digital assets, earn income by farming, bring liquidity to TRAMS DEX, and earn a hefty yield on their digital assets.(11)

The idea was based on the Chinese WeChat model, only this platform offers payments in any country in any currency.(12) The market hasn’t seen anything like it.

Combining a decentralized exchange with an automatic market makes this robust platform a stiff challenger to the current market players.

One of the most prominent players is Sush-i-Swap, for example.

Sushi gained 50k wallets overnight and issued their own token, and implemented a token rewards model. Within the first 2 weeks after launch, Sushi increased their blocks by a staggering 4.8x.(12)

Sushi went from less than 15,000 wallets to more than 400,000 wallets in less than 3 months.(12) Today, their total liquidity is over $4 billion.(13)

The problem? They are a slow lumbering model.

The TRAMS DEX team took note and realized that rewards work and attract a young audience.(12)

This gives TRAMS DEX a massive edge over Sush-i-Swap. Its direct communication and social aspect have proven to enhance scalability and engagement significantly.

If Sush-i-Swap can grow so fast without the social aspect, imagine how much faster TRAMS DEX can grow with the TiENCHAT integration

Not to mention, digital currency miners are quickly gravitating towards the platform because of how they are rewarded for their efforts. See for yourself the incredible opportunity the company offers(14):

Digital Asset & Cryp-to-currency Mining

In addition to TiENCHAT’s robust social networking and global payments platform, TiENCHAT plans to invest and engage in the mining of various cryp-to-currencies (specifically Eth-er-eum (ET-H)) and that yield favorable ROI’s. TiENCHAT has assembled a team of industry veterans with years of experience in the management and mining of cryp-to-currencies and in the technology to support the development and growth of digital assets.

TiENCHAT has placed its first order of 50 ET-H enterprise miners and is intended to start mining in the 4th quarter, 2021 in Singapore with each miner expected to generate on average approximately 1.5 Eth-er-eum (ET-H) per miner each month. The Company is seeking to rapidly increase the number of ET-H enterprise miners under management to more than 1,000 ET-H miners by the middle of 2022 with operations both in Singapore and in the US.

William TiEN Breaks Down the Capacity of the TRAMS DEX Integrated Breakthrough

Want a Revolution That Changes the World?
How About ZERO- Emission Digital Mining!

Over the past few months, the big knock against a new digital future is how it’s impacting climate change. BT-C mining, for instance, consumes more electricity than Argentina.(15)

In May 2021, Beijing called for a severe crackdown on BT-C mining and trading, setting off what’s being dubbed “the great mining migration.” Half of the world’s BT-C miners have been kicked off the grid in the process.(16)


T8 Exchange has recently released a state-of-the art storage and node miner called “TiENFARM”, which is one of the latest of its DeFi projects. These TiENFARM miners will initially be sold and available solely through TiENCHAT’s marketplace and eventually will be available globally through select major online retailers.

The TiENFARM miner can be managed and programed via the TiENFARM mobile application, currently available only to Android users and is available for download from the Google Play Store. The TiENFARM application uses the Eth-er-eum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol to mine DS Tokens, which is TiENFARM’s proprietary utility token. These DS tokens are mined inside the TiENFARM application using TiENFARM miners. The mined DS tokens can be traded on T8EX and within the TiENCHAT platform in exchange for Tether (USDT), which is pegged, 1:1, to the U.S. dollar.

The TiENFARM miner is the Company’s latest development in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The miner carries an eight-terabyte storage, a node and a built-in wi-fi router with a next version of the miner, planned for release by October 2021, to have a built-in smart home engine – similar to Google Smart Home – that includes an AI voice recognition feature, reminiscent of Alexa.

TiENFARM miners will be made available and ready for delivery in late September 2021 with additional TiENFARM miners to be made available globally by the end of 2021. The initial MSRP is to be set at $500.00 USD per TiENFARM miner.

Historic Strategic Partnership with O-Power LLC to Provide the World’s First Truly ‘Green’ Digital Currency(4)(18)

A “green” digital currency was unthinkable – until now.

For the first time ever, miners can potentially produce any desired digital currency using computers and peripherals using O-Power’s patented 100% zero-emissions electricity generators.

This mind-blowing tech offers a scalable, portable, constant (24/7/365) power source that does not require: 

  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Hydroelectric
  • Wind-turbine technologies

The generators produce no toxic waste. They can be deployed in any environment regardless of climate, weather, seasonal conditions, proximity to bodies of water, or the availability of wind or sunshine. They can produce a constant source of electricity for as little as 1.5¢ per kilowatt.(4)

Something big is indeed happening…and Axis Technology Group, Inc. may be on the cusp of disrupting a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) up an Eye-Popping 800% with Plenty of Potential to Run

As of September 8, 2021, and over the last 52-week period, AXTG is up an incredible 800% (approx.), 500% (approx.) year-to-date, and 181.25% (approx.) over the past 6 months.(17)

Makes sense. This, of course, is not your average tech company. The depth and scalability of this company give it so much potential it’s almost impossible to quantify.

With such potential upside, this could be one of the fastest-growing DeFi companies in the entire world. Add in the velocity and speed of change and growth in tech, and there’s no telling how far this company can grow.

7 Indisputable Reasons to Keep Your Eyes Glued to Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG)

  1. Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) and its TiENCHAT social media app provide an all-encompassing tech platform. It’s private, decentralized, and combines the best features of the most popular apps in the marketplace.(7)
  2. Axis Technologies Group, Inc.’s U.S. OTC: (AXTG) TRAM DEX is a one-of-a-kind exchange positioned as the go-to DeFi Bank. It serves as the backbone for TiENCHAT and facilitates payments in any country in any currency.(12)
  3. Cryp-to-currency mining operation to enhance the balance sheet and support ongoing operations.
  4. TiENFARM is a state-of-the art storage and node miner. Right now it is exclusively available through TiENCHAT’s marketplace and later to be made available globally through select major online retailers.  The Company projects the initial MSRP to be set at $500.00 USD per TiENFARM miner.
  5. The company formed a strategic partnership with O-Power LLC to provide the world’s first truly ‘Green’ digital currency. This gives the company tremendous scalability as their miners can avoid the stigma of dirty technology harming the environment.(4)(18)
  6. Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) has moved an incredible 800% over the last 52-weeks.(17)
  7. WhatsApp lost millions of users in February 2021 due to an intrusive privacy policy and the sharing of user data.(8) People still have a bad taste about this(3) and could potentially flock to TiENCHAT, which offers a greatly enhanced experience on a DeFi platform.

Meet the Innovators Leading Axis Technologies Group, Inc. U.S. OTC: (AXTG) and DeFi into the Mainstream

William Tien

William is a finance industry veteran, an inventor, and a visionary business leader. He has close to 30 years managing and starting businesses in the finance and technology industries. For the last 18 years, he has held corporate directorships in numerous public listed companies.

In the 1990s, he was one of the early inventors who created a mobile wallet hardcoded into a mobile device. He is the key driver for TiENPAY’s business visions and mission and looks to lead TiENPAY and TiENCHAT to great things.

Caren D Currier

VP Operations
Doreen SIM

VP Media
Gerard McKeon

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